Sales Pipeline: New


The piLYTIX Most Likely platform ensures that sales reps and their managers understand which opportunities are quantitatively most likely to win.  The  opportunities with the most likelihood of winning are displayed on the Most Likely Dashboard which is easily viewed by sales reps and managers.

piLYTIX’ Risk Assessment alerts the sales team to weaknesses in sales opportunities that are likely receiving too much attention.  It also alerts sales teams to prospects that are highly likely to convert but are receiving a lack of attention.

piLYTIX’ Deal Cards are designed to make every projection explainable and actionable by displaying all the positive and negative factors that are influencing each deal – empowering reps and managers to make smart decisions about how to prioritize their efforts.

Sales Pipeline: Renewal


piLYTIX’ Retention365 gives service reps and managers a direct line of sight to their riskiest renewal candidates. Armed with knowledge of which prospects are at risk – and why – positions teams to to maximize renewals by focusing resources and customizing service plans for the ticket holders that are quantifiably less likely to renew.

Retention365 incorporates seasonally unique data points so that teams can ensure that their fans find value in the relationship with your team 365 days of the year.

Top of the Funnel


piLTYIX’ Dynamic Lead Scoring platform makes sure that you never miss the chance to sell to great prospects when they become great prospects and before they lose interest.

As opposed to static lead scores, dynamic lead scores change as buyer attributes and behaviors change, recognize the basic fact that different products appeal to different buyers, and allow your sales team to “strike while the iron is hot.”

Leadership Reporting


Most of your meaningful revenue data originates from multiple sources. Because of this, sports executives typically struggle to efficiently get the consolidated reporting that they need to make important decisions. Sports organizations  have long needed a basic reporting portal that allows them to quickly visualize key performance metrics. The Insights & Overview tools visualize the current state of affairs and offer reliable predictions of future revenue at levels as granular as necessary for decision making.

Built on a nimble Data Lake framework, these tools are customizable, sortable & filterable to give sports leaders actionable insights without requiring additional overhead.

CRM Usage


Every organization laments the quality of its sales data to some degree.  Understanding where “bad” data resides is the first step in cleaning a company’s CRM system and a necessary step of maintaining the hygiene of the system. The Data Quality Composite (DQC) measures the quality of the data that is being entered into the CRM by individual salespeople.  When corrective actions are required, managers are able to point out areas of deficiency to sales people and avoid burdening those reps who are already in compliance with company standards.

Data Flag Reporting system highlights gaps, errors and anomalies in your data.


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