piLYTIXSports welcomes Jon DeLord as President

piLYTIXSports is pleased to welcome Jon DeLord as its new president. A sports industry veteran, DeLord comes to piLYTIXSports after more than five years at Legends Hospitality where he launched the Insights & Analytics division.

“Jon is a proven team builder. His passion for the sports industry and his ability to communicate new concepts to various roles within the industry made him the perfect choice to expand our product suite and grow the user base of our sports business,” said Jim Dries, CEO of piLYTIX.

“I was drawn to piLYTIXSports for three reasons,” DeLord said, “One, it offers an A.I. platform that is light years ahead of anything else in the industry and provides predictive and prescriptive analytics as well as more traditional descriptive analytics. I know the platform. I have used it. It drives real revenues for its users.

“Secondly, the technical infrastructure beneath the product uses the latest in data integration technology which allows for faster onboarding at a much lower cost than traditional data integration tools. Analysis can begin in a matter of days – not weeks or months – at a cost that doesn’t break the budget.

“Finally, it is customized to the individual sales organization and acknowledges that there is no such thing as a “perfect data set.” A lot of teams struggle to make sure their data is clean enough, robust enough, or integrated enough to provide insights. The beauty of machine learning and A.I. is that the underlying models learn from whatever data is available, wherever it is.”

For DeLord, leading piLYTIXSports is a natural evolution of his career path.

“I’ve spent my career building Insights & Analytics divisions from scratch in multiple industries, including sports, all with the goal of providing revenue-producing insights,” DeLord said. “This was the perfect opportunity for me to scale a company whose entire business is providing transparent, actionable insights using artificial intelligence.”

About piLYTIXSports

piLYTIXSports helps sports teams achieve their maximum sales and marketing potential through explainable artificial intelligence (XAI). piLYTIXSports was launched as a division of piLYTIX in 2017 as teams and leagues began realizing the value in importing data-driven sales and marketing strategies from other industries.

piLYTIXSports works with teams from all major North American professional leagues as well as several universities from the NCAA’s “Power 5” conferences.


Nolan Manley
piLYTIX Sports

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