piLYTIX Data Action Solutions leverages a hybrid platform that combines the structural benefits of the traditional sports data warehouse with the flexibility of an ultramodern data lake

“What I like about piLYTIX is that they are fully transparent in everything that they do and how we can improve our own processes.”

Vice President of  Analytics

NFL Franchise

From disparate data to standardized, organized and usable records


Every organization’s data needs are different and require unique solutions: Some need deduping, some need joining, some need cleaning and some need more. Ingesting raw data from multiple dissimilar sources while maintaining data integrity results in better, more accurate data for use in analysis.

Streamlined Ingestion

Streamlined ingestion processes reduce the cumbersome and timely process of debugging.

Flexible Structure

Flexible data structure seamlessly incorporates data changes caused by new fields or evolving data sources.

Organize Data

Organizes data for quick, accurate  ad hoc reporting needs.

relieves data teams

Relieves data teams from managing multiple data formats, empowering them to deliver more impactful insights.

Discover stories in your data that address your key business challenges


Get a holistic data-driven picture for a better understanding of the business through clean, customizable, accurate reports and dashboards.


Seamlessly derive new fields from existing data and append to contact records.

customizable reporting

Customizable reporting based on client data and individual goals using piLYTIX Panorama’s user friendly  UI.

Automatic Update

Automated updates ensure reports are up to date.


Data professionals and Execs alike have more time to focus on business concerns by having ready access to relevant information through the piLYTIX Panorama interface.

“We depend heavily on piLYTIX for visualization, so we can see our data from different angles and do deep dives into trends and business challenges”

Associate A.D., Sales & Marketing

Power 5 Conference Institution


Learn how piLYTIX can free up time.